HapMed provides hands-on training for the effective application of a tourniquet using a life-like practice manikin that features seven training scenarios and objective real-time feedback on performance.

The HapMed Tourniquet Trainer is the closest thing to practicing tourniquet application on a live patient. When learners feel the actual torque required to stop bleeding from an extremity wound, they gain an understanding of the difficulty of the task and the knowledge, skills, and confidence to stop uncontrolled bleeding in an emergency situation. HapMed Features include:

  • Realistic Hands-On Practice — short training trials, with no synthetic blood replenishment needed, allow for repeat practice cycles resulting in rapid skill development.
  • Built-In Training Scenarios — the system includes seven training scenarios for different body sizes and care situations. A custom scenario feature allows users to create and save custom scenarios.
  • Life-Like Simulation — the system features visual feedback for blood flow, diminishing pulse and realistic pressure required for different patient body sizes and blood pressure levels.
  • Real-Time Performance Feedback — feedback on tourniquet placement, pressure, elapsed time and patient health status are displayed to the trainee as they practice.
  • Mobile App — a mobile application, available for download from the Apple App Store® or Google Play® Store, provides the same controls and feedback as the tourniquet trainer display. Instructors can control multiple devices and track trainee performance using their mobile phone or tablet.
Military training with the HapMed device
HapMed device screen
HapMed mobile application user interface showing statistics