Job Opportunities

Are you interested in working in any of these areas?

  • Geospatial and human terrain analysis
  • Simulation and game-based training
  • Human behavioral representation
  • Cognitive engineering
  • Human-computer interface design/development

Did you ever dream of being on a team where every day you really felt that your contribution was going to make a real difference to someone somewhere? ... Well that team is here at CHI Systems. We help analyze and solve challenges facing the world's most technologically advanced corporations and federal agencies. At CHI, we utilize a wide array of tools to unlock the answers in custom systems development, applied research and development, and industrial engineering. We optimize the fit between people and technology through the design and implementation of customized user interfaces, intelligent agent applications, and advanced human-computer interaction technologies.

Current Employment Opportunities

CHI Systems is always looking for qualified candidates, please submit your resume to HR

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