Geospatial and Human Terrain Analysis and Visualization Capability

Geographic Information System (GIS) technology is critical in conventional warfare, special warfare, irregular warfare, and homeland security operations. CHI Systems possesses extensive expertise in the development of advanced GIS systems and customized visualization services that integrate large volumes of tactical and human terrain data. We specialize in designing, developing and fielding these capabilities for the lowest echelon units and small independent operational teams, bringing the latest in advanced GIS capability to front-line personnel.

CHI Systems is expert in the development of advanced military software within the realm of both geospatial systems and other application domains. Our GIS software is fielded with tens of thousands of operational soldiers in current combat zones. This expertise is coupled with extensive experience in the Human, Social, Cultural and Behavioral disciplines within tactical contexts. Our skills are applied to both in-house development of complete unique solutions and as a subcontractor to fulfill specific needs on a larger program. Our core engineering services competencies include:

User interface design, implementation, and usability evaluation

Design support for operations and intelligence analysis system functionality

Web 2.0 and Java application development

Software testing, documentation, and validation/verification

Training technology development

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