Cognitive Engineering, Analysis, and Assessment Capability

CHI Systems is an industry leader in cognitive engineering, an emerging branch of engineering, used to design systems in which the users’ primary work is cognitive – where people need to think, make decisions, create and apply judgments, and process information. This engineering practice ensures that information technologies and work methods support the users in applying their own subject matter expertise, expert decision processes, and mental processes in the most adaptive and efficient way, without the needs for workarounds. It also ensures that cognitive work is resilient despite unanticipated inputs or external events and is adaptable to evolving cognitive work needs. We apply our deep knowledge of the science of learning to develop training environments that authentically address critical individual and team performance objectives, and to create innovative techniques and technologies for supporting performance measurement, assessment, and debrief.

CHI Systems uses patented cognitive engineering tools and methods to provide a unique capability to engineer human decision-making.

Key general aspects of CHI Systems’ approach to cognitive engineering include:

• Requirements Analysis
- Our cognitive task analysis (CTA) methods and tools drive specification of requirements for the human role and for the system.
- Our CTA answers key questions: 
o What is the human's role in the system? 
o What must the design include to accommodate human skills and capabilities? To anticipate human errors?

• System and Interface Design
- We design systems to meet the cognitive requirements by human computer interfaces, to help decision-makers achieve enhanced situation awareness, and to meet their information needs without overload.
- We also design work processes and workflows for teams, whether co-located (e.g., working together in an operations centers) or distributed.

• Development of Work Support Systems
- Human decision making can be further extended by implementing work support systems and decision-aiding software. 
- We help our customers optimize decision making in legacy systems with our cognitive, algorithmic, and artificial intelligence tools.


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